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  • Opening Hours - New Year 2017

    Ashgrove Vets and their staff would like to wish all our clients and their pets a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2017.

    Please try to keep your pets safe tonight from fireworks and all the goodies which are available (eg Christmas cake, alcohol, decorations, etc).

    Our hours of business for the following few days are as follows:-

    Saturday 31st: 8am -4pm
    Sunday 1st: CLOSED
    Monday 2nd: CLOSED
    Tuesday 3rd: 8am – 4pm
    Wednesday 4th: Open as normal (8am -7pm)

    As always, if your pet requires any emergency treatments during our closed hours please contact our usual telephone number 01224 486 444. You will then be transferred to our on-call emergency line. Should you prefer to contact Vets Now direct, their number is 01224 379091.

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    That time of year is upon us again where some pets are terrified at the sound of fireworks.

    If your pet suffers from a phobia of these, please contact reception for further information or to make an appointment with our Registered Veterinary Nurses who will be able to advise you.

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  • Importance of ID Chipping Your Pet

    We cannot highlight enough the importance of having your cat (indoor or outdoor), dog or rabbit microchipped. This is the only way you can be 100% sure of identifying your pet and being reunited with them in the event of them going missing.

    As you all know it is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchipped however this sadly does not apply to cats or rabbits.

    Microchips are still on offer with us until the end of October at a reduced price of £15.00 – a small price to pay for being re-united with your beloved pet.

    Please contact us on 01224 486444 to take advantage of this offer or if there is any further information you require.

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  • April = Golden Oldies Month

    Did you know that 33% of cats over 7 are starting to show signs of arthritis; and as many as 90% of cats over the age of 12 have arthritis?

    Would you know the signs to look out for? Have a look at our handy checklist below to see if any apply to your cat or dog.

    Arthritis in Cats

    Arthritis in Dogs

    Our nurses run free senior health checks for our golden oldies so please call us on 01224 486444 to make an appointment to discuss your pet’s needs in their senior years.

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    Further to our post below, please remember that if your dog’s booster is overdue or you have missed it completely and have to re-start again, you can do this by taking advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER during MARCH only by re-starting the whole vaccine course for the cost of a booster (£38.00).

    If you do not want to miss this offer, please contact the practice in 01224 486444 and we can offer an appointment to you.

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  • Identichip Offer

    As new rules are coming into force as of 6 April 2016 whereby all dogs MUST be Identichipped, we are offering a SPECIAL PRICE on identichips of only £15.00.

    To ensure you do not miss this great offer, please call reception on 01224 486444 to make an appointment with one of our Veterinary Nurses to make sure you stay within the law.

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  • **Special Offer - Vaccine Amnesty**

    Further to our alert on our Facebook page recently regarding Leptospirosis, and the importance of booster vaccinations, we are to run a vaccine amnesty for those whose dog vaccinations have lapsed or who have not been vaccinated at all.

    From now until the end of March 2016, all re-starts will be done for the SPECIAL RE-START VACCINATION PRICE of only £38.00.

    To take advantage of this fantastic offer, please call Reception on 01224 486444 to make an appointment.

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  • Identichips

    Please be aware that as of 6 April 2016 ALL dogs must be identichipped by law.

    From Friday 15 January 2016, the Dogs Trust offer to microchip dogs at no charge to the owners will end and thereafter a charge will apply.

    To make an appointment to have your pet identichipped before the compulsory date, please ask at reception or call us on 01224 486444 where we will be happy to book an appointment with one of our fully trained Vet Nurses.

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